How the hubbly works

We presume if you visit this site you know how a hubbly works? But for the novice smokers here is a short explanation.

A Hubbly consists of a bottle partially filled with water  a head with a tobacco bowl with a long stem to reach down near the bottom of the bottle and a mouthpiece to draw on. The tobacco bowl is filled with tobacco and lit with a charcoal. The smoke is filtered through the liquid inside and drawn out through the mouthpiece.

How to clean a hubbly

It’s actually not difficult to clean a hubbly. Make sure you use very hot water to clean the vase and stem, and that you never use water on the hoses unless they are made of washable plastic. Most importantly, however, remember that you can never use soap to clean a hubbly; the residue will alter the flavor of the smoke.  You can use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda.

To clean the vase, simply empty it, fill it with hot water, and scrub it with ahubbly cleaning brush.

The stem is even simpler to clean: just run very hot tap water through it, until the water runs clear, and clean with a stem brush.

As for the hoses, carefully detach them from the hubbly, and then blow strongly through them to clear away any particles and dirt. It’s best to do this outdoors.

Tobacco bowl:
The tobacco bowl must be cleaned every time after smoking. Run hot water through the bowl, if burn’t tobacco is still attached to it use some sand paper to remove burnt tobacco.
Once your hubbly parts are cleaned, let them dry thoroughly. The best way to get them fully dry is to let them sit overnight on a towel. They’ll be ready again by morning. Another point to remember: always let the hubbly dry thoroughly before you smoke it again; the only water in the pipe while smoking should be at the bottom of the vase.

As you see, it’s really not too hard to clean a hubbly. The cleaning regimen described here should be done about every 7 to 10 days, depending on how often you smoke your hubbly. Most people will change the water in the vase before every smoking session, since hubbly smoke tastes best when filtered through clean water.