Welcome to House of Hubbly

We are proud to say that we currently have 3 retail shops, two in Potchefstroom and one in Bloemfontein which sells a large variety of hubbly products, and we also do a lot of wholesale business on special request.

The Bloemfontein branch and Mooiriver Mall branch in Potchefstroom is also a full Wesley's stockist which apart from the hubbly products sells “old man” pipes, cigars, rolling tobacco and anything related to any kind of smoking.

We take special care to go and visit our suppliers overseas to make sure to provide you with the best hubbly products in South Africa, see gallery.

We offer:

  • Any type of hubbly you can think of
  • Any type of hubbly tobacco and charcoal you can think of
  • Any spares or accessories you can think of
  • Wesleys products: “old man” pipes, cigars, rolling tobacco, any smoking accessory
  • Great service and availability of products
  • Retail in shops, and wholesale on special arrangements

Biggest hookah

We are proud to say that we are the owner of the biggest hubbly in South Africa standing at 2.4m tall. Come and check this hubbly out at our shop in Potchefstroom Mooiriver Mall or come and check out the 1.8m solid aluminium hubbly in our Potchefstroom Bult branch.